Science 10.12.20

Date: 10th Dec 2020 @ 4:56pm

For our final lesson on the digestive system, Year 4 learned about how the owl gets rid of all the bones, feathers and fur that it eats in the process of hunting and catching mice, voles, rats and birds. 

We watched this video clip that shows how an owl regurgitates a pellet containing all the parts of it's food that are not digestable. 

Amid a mixture of mild disgust and excitement, the class were then given owl pellets to dissect. Their aims were to try and determine the breed of owl, where it had hunted last, and what it had eaten during this hunt. All of these things could be found in the structure and contents of the pellet. We were all amazed by the number of bones found in a single pellet and our worksheets helped us identify the unlucky prey.

I think that the photos show that we had another memorable lesson!

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