Year 3 Blog wb: 16.10.23

Date: 20th Oct 2023 @ 2:19pm

What an amazing week, we’ve had in Year 3!

In maths, we began adding and subtracting two 3-digit numbers.  We used the column method to work out the answers as well as using the base 10 equipment and place value counters.  We were then challenged to work out some mistakes and explain where the maths characters went wrong.

In English, we wrote our non-chronological reports on our chosen natural wonder of the world.  We wrote our introductory paragraph then added two more paragraphs with all the information we gathered at home.  We used formal language and varied our sentence starters to make our reports really interesting.  Mr McAulay and Mrs Taylor were really pleased with our reports and found out lots more interesting facts!

In art, we completed our Matisse inspired paintings.  We used our fingers to add watercolour to the areas outside of the masking tape. Once the paint was dry we removed the tape to reveal the blank spaces we created.  We then used pastels to add extra detail.  We were all really proud of our own artwork and each other’s.

In music, we listened and played along carefully to the tune ‘Hot Cross Buns’ and we learnt a new note.  We are becoming so much more confident in putting our instruments together and tonguing, which is a technique used with wind instruments to enunciate notes using the tongue on the palate or the reed or mouthpiece.

In reflection time, we created dreamcatcher pumpkins of peace to hang on our tree.  We also wrote prayers of peace, hope and love for our loved ones.

In Spanish, we had a little quiz to check our learning.  We had to remind each other how to ask each other’s names and ask how people are.  We had a short listening exercise to recall our number knowledge and a reading challenge to check our Spanish vocabulary.  We were very impressed with ourselves as we had remembered so much Spanish vocabulary from the last half term.

The highlight of our week was our trip on Wednesday. We had the most the amazing day at The National Waterways Museum.  We learnt how the canal boats played an important role in the Industrial Revolution, transporting goods all over the country via the canal system.  We enjoyed a demonstration on how canal locks work and participated in opening them.  We also visited Porters Row, which is a small row of cottages, reflecting housing through the years.

We would like to wish you all a happy half term and thank you for your continued support.

Mr M and Mrs T



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