Year 3 W.B: 13.11.23

Date: 17th Nov 2023 @ 2:34pm

Another busy week in Year Three!

In Maths we have began our multiplication and division, first we learnt that repeated addition is the same as multiplication.  We then looked at arrays, an array in maths is an arrangement of objects, numbers or pictures in columns or rows. After that we had fun making 2 and 3 digit even and odd numbers from digit cards. At home, please continue to work on 2s, 5s and 10s, then moving onto 3s, 4s and 8s which will support our work in school.

In English we continued writing our journey narrative, we decided whether our our character was travelling from a big city to a small island or vice versa.  We had to think about what our character saw, heard and smelt and also how they felt.

In Computing, we created short animations, we created our own code to make our sprites move and dance.  We changed our sprite, background and we even added sound!  If you would like to make another animation, click on the link

In Spanish, we started to use our new books and write the vocabulary that we have previously learnt. We remembered lots of greetings and enjoyed saying them as we wrote them. We then learnt several new animal words: a bird - un pajaro, a duck - un pato, a cow - una vaca, a horse - un caballo, a rabbit - un conejo, a pig - un cerdo, a mouse - un raton, a sheep - una oveja, a monkey - un mono and a lion - un leon.

In Geography, we explored why some places flood and how we can prevent them from doing so.   We said we could build barriers, improve the drainage systems, protect wetlands, build safe locations and plant more trees and plants.  We then played Flood Safe Detectives and decided what items we would need to replace if our classroom flooded. 

In PE, we recapped our chest passes and bounce passes and for the first time we even tried shooting the ball through the hoop, it was quite tricky but we kept practising and learnt a technique to help us. Some of us even managed to score!

During our ‘No Outsiders’ lesson today, we discussed what discrimination means. We said it's when people get treated differently because they have different colour skin or like or dislike different things.

We read the story This is Our House, it was about a little boy called George. George refuses to let anyone into his cardboard house, telling others that it belongs only to him and that no one else is welcome, but when George steps away, all the children pile in and tell George he is not welcome, teaching George an important lesson in sharing.  We then played a little game where only boys with brown hair were allowed extra playtime, everyone else said this wasn't fair. We then explained this is how some people may feel if they have been discriminated against.  We continued to embed this during the week and used our school value of community to remind everyone that we are a ‘No Outsiders’ school and we should include everyone.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Mr M and Mrs T


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