Year 3 wb: 30.10.23

Date: 3rd Nov 2023 @ 2:25pm

What a great first week back we’ve had!

In maths, we began adding 3-digit numbers to 2-digit numbers.  It was quite tricky at first but we used the base ten equipment to reinforce our learning.   We completed several additions using the column method and even had to match calculations with no exchange, exchanges with 10 ones and exchanges with 10 tens. 

In English, we began our new focus text, Jemmy Button.  We were visited by a very smart gentleman called Mr Fotherington-Smythe, a fine gent who was in search of young boy called Jemmy Button.  Jemmy Button was rescued from a faraway island by Mr Fotherington-Smythe but then had absconded.  It was our job to ask questions to try and help find Jemmy’s whereabouts. 

In science, our force to explore this week was magnetism. We first investigated which materials were magnetic, and which weren't. We had some surprising results, especially when testing coins. Next, we tested the strength of different magnets by seeing how many paperclips each magnet could pick up in a single unlinked chain.

In P.E this week, we recapped on two ways to pass the ball. Then we began to look at how we mark players by mirroring and shadowing their movements. We played Piggy in the Middle to practice this and then mini bench ball matches to practice marking. It was great to see how the children tried hard to mark during the matches, but this is definitely something we will develop further in the future.

In computing today, we were detectives and explored the coding website Scratch. First we changed our sprite then used the event and motion blocks to make our sprite move. We tinkered with the available blocks by adding them under the green flag block and then pressed the flag to run our programs.

In R.E, we started our new unit, Called by God.  We discussed if we had been asked to do things.  How did we feel?  What if we didn't think we could do it?  We then learnt about prophets and how God called upon them to spread the word of God and tell people how to lead better lives.  

In Spanish, we learnt how to say animal names:  un leon, un caballo, un cerdo, un pajaro and un conejo.  I wonder if you can guess what they are, then you could ask us to see if you are correct.

We had the most wonderful forest school session today. We spent time in our new forest school classroom, we enjoyed listening to Mr Simmons tell us all about our new room and how we can use it. We then had a special treat, hot chocolate with marshmallows...yummy.  What a treat!

In our reflection time this week, we have talked about our school values of community and peace.  We discussed how we feel if people leave us out and won’t let us play and how we feel if people say unkind words to us.  We all agreed it doesn’t make us feel happy so therefore wrote our own class promise to help be peacemakers. 

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Mr M and Mrs T

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