Year 4 w/b 28th September blog

Date: 1st Oct 2020 @ 2:51pm

We have had an excellent two weeks in school. Thank you for your support with daily reading and times tables Rockstars, as well as mymaths and English homework.


Our focus has been on multiplication (short multiplication 2 digit times 1 digit e.g. 25 x 7) and division (partitioning a number and then dividing each part e.g. 48÷2… 40÷2=20 and 8÷2= 4 so 48÷2= 24). Next week we will move onto fractions, before moving on to Year 4 Power Maths books.


We have been writing setting and character descriptions, using expanded nouns, possessive apostrophes and fronted adverbials. I have been very impressed with the quality of writing over the last 2 weeks!

Guided Reading

We have continued to answer VIPERS questions about the BFG as well as answering questions on a non-fiction text and poem once per week.


Our rule over the last week has been the suffix ‘ous’, but we found out some words have ‘ous’ in the root word e.g. jealous.


We have read and answered questions about Daniel and the Lion’s Den and the Lost Son, considering what they meant and what they teach us about God.

Topic and other subjects

We have been learning lots of facts about the Tudors- we made a Tudor timeline of key events and monarchs and have also created a local map of Cheshire with sketched Tudor landmarks e.g. Little Moreton Hall and Bramall Hall. In art, we have continued to sketch our landscapes and have used chalk pastels to add colour and texture to our pictures. Our outdoor learning session was wonderful- everyone worked well in teams to create bug hotel habitats complementing our work on animals and their habitats with Mr Cotton. In PE, we have been learning to mark and defend, as well as pass and shoot. We have started to play competitive games of Netball.


Have a lovely weekend. Please get in touch if you have any queries.


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