wb 11.3.24 Y4

Date: 14th Mar 2024 @ 7:54am

In a week of changeable weather, we have had some great outdoor times this week. We went on our visit to church and I had expected a wet walk. We had a beautiful time in the cool morning air, seeing Spring come to life. The children, as ever, behaved beautifully too and got involved in Reverand Sandi's enactment of The Good Samaritan. She reminded us that in a Christian view of society we think of those around us, rather than focussing on ourselves. She also reminded us that God is always with us and sees what we are doing. Singing My Lighthouse reminded us that Jesus is always there to guide us.

In RE, we had a very dramatic lesson, as you will see from the photos. In small groups, we played out how Jesus reacted to bankers taking over the stalls in the temple. We discussed how each person in the scenario would react. We also thought about how the people's perception of Jesus may change in comparison to the jubilant welcome of Palm Sunday only a few days before.

Forest school was Easter-themed this week but taking techniques from the Vikings. The Vikings were quite a cultured lot and enjoyed jewelry making and art. By using pegs and string, they could create an outline of a shape and then decorate it. We used this technique to create structures in the shape of the cross. Then the children decorated them in a variety of ways. Some went for texture, some continued the Easter theme giving it a crown and some created a mini Viking village within the outline. Some went for drama, others went for design. 

Maths has progressed from fractions to decimals and the children feel confident with their handling of the Place Value Grid down to hundredths. We discussed the meaning of 'dec' as in decimal/decade = 10 (not Ant and!) Next week, we will recap this term's work in our assessments including perimeter, multiplication/division and fractions.

An idea to help with learning those times tables could be to sing along to these songs. Have a go, see what you think:



In English we have been broadening our writer's knowledge- what technique to use when. We have been looking at how similes can add to the description and also building a picture of how or character reacts and why. On Friday, the children completed their writing for stamina task desribing the actions of a character within their story. Next week, plan and write.

The various Spelling groups have progressed well this week also. The sessions have now been increased to four a week as we were seeing an impact from the new groups.

As the week drew to a close, Maizie and Elliot received their certificates. Elliot has begun a new wave of intense treatment thsi week but has battled on throughout with good humour. Maizie has worked so hard, I'm surprised her socks are still on!

Wishing you a fun-filled weekend and see you on Monday for the Grand Easter Egg Raffle Draw!

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