Vision and Values

Brereton C of E Primary School


Love God, Love Learning, Love One Another – Enabling Everyone to Flourish.

This vision is rooted in Christianity, drawing on Matthew 22 34-40, The Greatest Commandment, and 1 Corinthians 13, Love is…

At Brereton, our core values are to educate for:





To reflect our Christian distinctiveness and to ensure Jesus is seen as a teacher of how to live we have selected a bible passage to accompany each of our values to help the collective understanding of their meaning. We will refer to and use these stories alongside others to help guide the whole community.

Wisdom Hope Community Respect
Wisdom.jpg Hope.jpg Community.jpg Respect.jpg
Matthew 7 – The wise and foolish builder Luke 24 – The Resurrection of Jesus and John 8:12 – I am the light of the world. Luke 10 – The Good Samaritan John 13 3-7 – Jesus washes his disciples’ feet.


School Aims:

  1. To establish high expectations and ensure all children reach their full potential in their intellectual, social, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual development.

  2. To provide a healthy, safe and secure environment where children are encouraged and enabled to be responsible and self-disciplined.

  3. To create a positive attitude towards learning, both independently and collaboratively, by all members of the school community and develop lifelong learning attribute.

  4. To provide an inclusive broad, balanced, relevant and enjoyable curriculum


School Objectives:

  • to establish high expectations and a success culture.

  • to develop a learning community.

  • to establish professional debate and discussion amongst all staff.

  • to build leadership and management skills in all staff.

  • to ensure that there is a learning climate in every classroom.

  • to create and maintain a physical environment that promotes and reinforces the value, safety and inclusion of all individuals.

  • to ensure the continual involvement of the whole school community.






Brereton C E Primary School

School Lane, Brereton Green, Sandbach, Cheshire, CW11 1RN

Administration Assistant: Mrs S Henderson
or Senco: Richard Cotton

Tel: 01270 918931

Email: [email protected]

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