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November 2023.

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A Whale of a Time: a funny poem for every day of the year All Bodies are Wonderful The Snow Girl
Various selected by Lou Peacock Beth Cox Sophie Anderson

A treasure trove of funny poems encompassing many subjects and poets – one for every day of the year! A beautiful gift book.


A non-fiction resource for discussing the amazing and unique human body.


Tasha is delighted when her snow girl comes to life and wishes the winter could last forever, as she cannot bear the thought of losing her only friend. An enchanting story about courage and friendship, enhanced by magical illustrations. 

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The Big Dreaming Endangered Animals Atlas

Her Majesty’s League of Remarkable Young Ladies

Michael Rosen Tom Jackson

Alison D. Stegert

It’snearly time for the Big DreamingBig Bear and Little Bear will sleep through the Winter and wake in Spring. But Little Bear is worried he’ll run out of dreams, so he sets off on an adventure to find some… Perfect for bedtime reading. This illustrated non-fiction book takes the reader on a journey of discovery around the globe, identifying animals who are under threat from dangers such as habitat loss, climate change and hunting. 

Set in 1889, against a backdrop of increasing protest from women wanting more choices and of rapid technological change, this is a fun and fascinating tale of intrigue and sisterhood.

have-you-seen-dinosaur.jpg discovery-atlas-amazing-inventors-explorers-and-artists-from-all-around-the-globe.jpg


Have You Seen Dinosaur? Discovery Atlas: Amazing inventors, explorers and artists from all around the globe

Rayleigh Mann in the Company of Monsters

David Barrow Thiago de Moraes

Ciannon Smart

A little boy, his dog and his friend Elephant decide to go looking for dinosaurs in a city that looks remarkably like New York. They try the museum, the underground train, the skate park, but the trio find it very hard to spot any at all! Finally, when they rest at the top of a rather comfy green hill, they realise what they’ve been overlooking.

It might feel as though humans have lived on earth forever, but we are in fact a relatively new development in the earth’s history: modern humans have only been around for approximately 300,000 years, which isn’t very long at all, if you remember that our planet formed 4.55 billion years ago.

A complex and sinuous fantasy adventure set in a world of monsters where being bad isn’t just good, it’s compulsory.


zoom.jpg world-of-dogs.jpg


Zoom! A World of Dogs


Sam Usher Carlie Sorosiak

Katya Balan

A heart-warming adventure tale, this picture book sees a young boy and his Grandad take to the skies to rescue the stranded astronauts spotted through their telescope

A fascinating non-fiction book that details everything on dogs 

Fantasy about sisters in a children’s home who go in search of their mother. 


100 Best Books of the Last 100 Years

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