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Date: 14th Nov 2023 @ 3:31pm

Another exciting week for Year 4. 

Our theme this week has been the national action, Anti-Bullying Week. On Tuesday a very successful was led by William, Sophia and Rebecca (y6). They had rehearsed and put a lot of effort into it. Congratulations! This gave us several threads of learning to consider thrpoughout this week. We all aim now to continue being aware of this important issue and keep Brereton a friendly place to be.

Mr Cotton created great joy for this week's experiment: The Digestive System. Using a pair of tights, a banana and some mashing implements, the children recreated their intestines. The key vocab of this lesson was mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, rectum and finally anus. A more effective underexperiment to develop a child's understanding would be hard to imagine. The photos capture it all!

In English, we have continued our learning of similes and metaphors and have journeyed deeper into our Vehicle Text, The Lost Happy Endings. Here, strands of mist literally become scarves that wrap around Jub's neck as the forest becomes enchanted.

Maths is working deeper and deeper into our Times Tables knowledge now. Our key focus this week has been the 3s, 6s and the 9s. The children's knowledge and fluency of the 9 times table will develop over the weeks. Regular practice at home will support your child's learning. As ever, if you need any help send me a Dojo.

We began a new unit in RE: Christmas. Over the next few weeks we are going to delve into various passages in the Gospels. to develop our understanding of the importance of the Nativity. This week, we considered the opening passages in John, where Jesus is called The Word and The Light. We considered the importance of light in our physical and mental health, exploring the metaphor of Jesus is the Light.

Our Spanish is now beginning to explore new territory. In recent weeks, the children have been revising previously known vocabulary, but now we are venturing into language for a fairy tale. This fits wonderfully with our English unit of twisted endings.

As the week drew to a clase, Seb received his Celebration certificate for a fabulous effort in all lessons this week. Well done to him!

Hoping you have a lovely weekend.

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