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Date: 18th Jan 2024 @ 12:52pm

Our journey continues in English as we explore the choices an author makes to create an effect on their reader. Our vocab this week has included dehydration, chaos, burrowed, dusk and makeshift. These are all going to come together in next week's Plan and Write. As we focus on key Year 4 skills, the children are crafting sentnces for effect using fronted adverbials and appropriate adverbs. In class, we call these 'effective words' and are anything that draws the reader in.

In Maths, we have begun another journey- the quest for long multiplication skills. At present, we are using the formal column written method to multiply numbers such as 23x2 and 145x3- 2-digit numbers multiplied by 1-digits or 3-digit numbers multiplied by 1-digit numbers. We will keep it reasonably simple in the first instance. As ever, this can only be enhanced by solid times tables recall.

This week, in class we have been focussing even more on the 144 club as we move nearer to our Multiplication Tables Check in Summer Term. Each times table will need to be recalled within 5 seconds, exactly as in TTRS Soundcheck. Have a go for homework this weekend.

This week, Year 4 had Science. The topic of the week was carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks. We put raisins into lemonade which attracted the bubbles. As they collected, they began to lift the raisin to the surface. At the surface, the bubbles popped making the raisin sink again. And so began the cycle.

Our RE writing has come along this week too. We looked at The Transfiguration, an event in Jesus' life where he is visited by Moses and Elijah and is physically tranformed and begins to shine with a heavenly glow.Our writing took the form of a diary- the children imagined they were one of the disciple witnesses and completed their diary entry that night before blowing out their candle for bed.

As the week came to a close, we worked hard on changing the pitch of a strings. Our posture is coming on well and the coordination needed to work out with arm does what, which finger plucks, which was one squeezes has really improved this week.

Hazel was an absolute star on Monday showing the key school value of Community whena new child visited our class for the morning. She was an easy choice for the Celebration Certificate. Well done, Hazel!

Wishing you a cosy weekend,

Mrs Tice, Mrs Gleave and Mrs Warren.


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