wb 26.2.24 Y4

Date: 1st Mar 2024 @ 7:50am

There's a lot to do this half term as we have only 5 weeks (minus a day) to explore all of our new learning. The children have done a wonderful job at settling back into class after the week's break. 

Our maths learning has continued the subject of fractions, using the simplifying skills we have learnt and also our knowledge of equivalent fractions. This week, we have focussed on addition and subtraction of fractions, often using fraction strips to help us. We have also covered what a numerator (the number of fractions) and a denominator (the name of the fraction) are. This concretes the idea that, as we add two fifth to six fifths, the numerator will change but the name, the denominator, will not change. If I add fifths together, I get more fifths.

English has an enchanting book at its heart this half term, The Secret Sky Garden. Packed with beautiful illustrations, this is a thoughtful book that asks more questions than it gives answers. This week, we have focussed on how to create effect through a careful choice of appropriate words and ensuring we have written sentences. We have also focussed on key letter joins in our quest for lovely joined up handwriting. In the photos, you will also see a drama session exploring new vocabulary such as descending, whined and shyly.

In Computing, we are covering Online Safety and began by looking at the results of an online search. How reliable are theses? Who pays for the ads? How do we get a complete and accurate picture?

Forest School returned! As you will see from the photos, the children were working as teams to build forts and then defend them with sheild, honouring themselves with medallions. Thank you to Mrs Gleave for some wonderful photos!

Today, we have begun our new unit in Spanish, learning the vocabulary to talk about the seasons.

We have also had another delightful session with our reading buddies. It is lovely to see the kindness Year 4 show towards Year 1 during this session.

Well done to Karl and Layla. It is a joy to have them in class and they've both worked incredibly hard this week, both in their class work but also at their friendships. 

STOP THE PRESS! Several weeks ago, the children had a 'free write' and Isabel chose to write to David Attenborough. She wrote it up beautifully and we posted it on Monday. This afternoon, her reply arrived!

Mrs Tice, Mrs Gleave and Mrs Warren


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