wb 4.12.23

Date: 8th Dec 2023 @ 8:04am

This week we have negotiated with a witch, watched even more nativities and somehow not had a wet break!

Importantly, this week we have been looking at our No Outsiders book, The Flower. This simple and beautifully illustrated text brings up some very deep questions. The children followed the thought that imagination and individuality is something special and valuable in our lives. The book suggests a story of a child who finds some seeds which bloom into life in a dull world. Some see these colours as threatening the ordinary way of life and aim to put a stop to individual behaviour but the child finds places in his world where the seeds and flowers can thrive. This book led to some excellent, seraching conversation.

In spelling, we have been looking at the prefix inter-. The children have been applying the knowledge that 'inter' means 'between' to such words as intercity and international.

The writing is developing well towards our final large write of the term- a persuasive letter to the witch. To this end we visited the witch (who looked decidedly like Mrs Warren!) in her forest and whispered our bribes, threats (not so effective!) and reasons why she should give the happy story endings back. Who knows if it will work!

In maths, we have been revisiting subjects ready for our Maths assessments and, to date, the children have done a wonderful job of their first paper, Arithmetic.

We continued our poetry unit, Where Zebras Go, for Guided Reading. This will develop through various styles next week when we look at concrete poems: poems in the shape of the object. A tiger, perhaps.

In PE, Netball is the current focus. On Thursday, the children practised their passes and played a game of benchball. Apparantly, this is basically netball but standing on a bench!

In Forest School, the children had a choice of making Christmas ornaments or exploring. Some children made snowmen out of clay, some made bracelets.

As we look towards our carol concert next week, we have had quite a few rehearsals and the children sound fantastic. We look forward to performing to you next Friday.

Freddie was our Star of the week this week and another round of children joined the 144 Club: Seb, Josh, Isadora, Ephram, Bella and also Freddie.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

Mrs Tice, Mrs Warren and Mrs Gleave.

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