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Date: 7th Mar 2024 @ 9:28am

We have a huge collection of photos this week! It is a reflection of the wonderful events that have happened in school throughout the week. It is hard to think of my favourite moment in the week but none was so heartening as the World Book Day Reading Buddy event. As you can see from the photos, the children delighted in sharing their absolute favourite books from home but the atmosphere was even more special as we were all in our comfies! Now the children know each other and are comfortable in each other's company, the room comes alive with chat about the books. It is truly heart-warming.

Another superb moment of the week was Mr Cotton's changes of state experiment involving some coke and some Mentoes. I think you can probably imagine the response from the children!

Also a highlight this week was Forest School. The children had to put up with a Forest School supply teacher who goes by the name of Mrs Tice. The Viking villages are developing well. We are trading well and not raiding so much. But now the crops have failed. But thankfully Mrs Tice had brought her recipe for Viking bread- a simple mixture of ground oats (flour), water and cultures (bicarbonate of soda). Once baked, they did resemble the texture of bread we know today if a little crunchy on the outside.

The children's work with Mrs Pirie is currently focussing on occupations. They are looking at the opportunities available globally and what they would need to consider the area would provide.

Our work on the Secret Sky Garden writing is continuing well. Today, we have completed our weekly independent writing and the children are showing greater resilience in this field each week. It can be quite a challenge to start writing so the children use the model text to get going. Also helping today was a fronted adverbial sheet that had ideas to start a sentence.

The fractions work has also tested our resilience this week, as it has predominantly been word problems. This is intended to deepen the understanding and stretch thier concepts of a fraction of an amount. If the children have a sound knowledge of their times tables, it is noticeable how this enables them to solve the problems fluently and securely.

As the week drew to a close, we completed our artwork for Mothering Sunday. We wish you a lovely weekend and look forward to next week.

Mrs Tice, Mrs Warren and Mrs Gleave

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