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Date: 9th Feb 2024 @ 8:01am

As you can see from the photos, we have had a busy week. We have been finishing off Art projects, coming to the end of our English write, completing our perimeter unit in maths, as well as completing activities for Mental Health Week and Safer Internet Day. Well done to the children for their effort this week. 

We have also had to contend with a few wet breaks which can be a challenge for the children after concentrating so hard. But they have done very well.They have been crafting, colouring, drawing, playing Bananagrams and watching Operation Ouch during this time. Our daily wiggle has also been coming in handy. Each day, we try to have a moment of yoga or some stretches as led by 'Move with Mel'.

This week, for Safer Internet Day, we looked at how a game or website will try to draw you in, to encourage you to spend either more time or money. We have investigated clickbait, push notifications, loot boxes and pop-ups to name a few.   We paired them with their definition and then looked at the job they were designed to do. It did open up some interesting converstaions.

For Mental Health Week, we considered what is important to us and recognised the range of subjects that came up. As we developed our spiral artwork, we considered what was nearest and dearest to us and worked outwards into our communities, our country and then globally.

This week, we have looked a lot at parts of words, the etymology of words. For example, cent meaning hundred, kilo meaning a thousand, milli meaning a thousandth and importantly this week peri meaning around. This helps with our understanding of perimeter, centimetre, millimetre and kilometre.

Our music lesson took a different direction this week. We all became composers. Using the notes we currently know, the children worked in small groups to develop simple phrases with 4 beats in a bar. Then, we all had a go at performing them to the class. Two great musical skills!

Today, we began to write our diary entry as if we were on the run and trying to make it to safety. We focus on the use of powerful short sentences and also questions to show how precarious the situation is. We also began our new maths project- fractions. We focussed on what makes a mixed number- both an integer (whole number) and a fraction. Well done to the children for their hard work with this.

Our certificate this week went to Josh who has had a great week- both in his work and also his mature decisions. Well done, Josh!

Wishing you a peaceful not too cold and wet weekend.

Mrs Tice, Mrs Gleave and Mrs Warren.


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