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Date: 10th Nov 2023 @ 12:43pm

A week of Peace and Remembrance, this week. The week began with an assembly led by Mrs Pulle which encouraged us all to remember, not only those who had lost their lives in wars over the years, but also those whose lives have been affected by conflict. We thought about how to remember people no longer in our lives, be it through photos or special momentos. Back in class, we completed a poppy wreath artwork and added to them names of people we would remember. Some children recalled that they had ancestors who had fought and sometimes died in one of the World Wars. 

In our core subject work this week, the children have been working hard as ever. Maths has now moved on from addition and subtraction and we are now focussing on the skills of multiplication and division. At the moment, the focus is on 6s and 9s. In English, not only have we been given a project by the witch but we have been working on similes, inverted commas and character writing.

We have also been sharing our vocab knowledge with some Quiz Quiz Trade games.

To come full circle, the final day of the week was spent in Remembrance. Mrs Mclean had prepared several Prayer Stations and Ethos Council and Reverand Sandi were on hand to help as the children visited each station in turn. One was to make a red, white and blue bracelet, another a pin, another a prayer card.

The week ended in a whirlwind as usual as we moved the room around to play our instruments. The children are controlling their bows well now and are achieving a wonderful sound.

We look forward to another week of learning, no doubt with a few adventures interspersed!

Mrs Tice, Mrs Gleave and Mrs Warren


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