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Date: 12th Jan 2024 @ 7:43am

It was so lovely to see the children again on Monday!

We have gone straight back to hard work and everyone has risen to the challenge.

Maths has seen the return of multiplication and division, and this will remain our focus for this half term. To support our work in class, I am now going to set TTRS for homework. This will enable the children to recall their timestables quicker and more easily. This will then help them greatly when dealing with related facts of multiplication and division.

In English this week, we have begun a new journey, literally. Our new book, The Journey, is a beautifully illustrated book that shows the effects of war. The children in the book have to leave their home in search of a safe country. The illustrations are full of metaphor. We began by learning relevant vocabulary, such as 'chaos' and 'migrating'. Then, we began to look at how an author can imply heavy emotions by a careful choice of words. 

Excitingly, Mrs Pirie began a subject that will set us up for our residential in York- the Vikings! We were pretending that we were boatmakers and hot-seating to chat about the expectations on our boat. Mrs Pirie asked how fast the boat was in the event of a getaway!

In Art, Year 4 investigated David Hockney and Patrick Caulfield. Hockney had a great influence on Caulfield. The children created their own knowledge organisers in their books ready for the rest of this term's work.

Many thanks to Mrs Winward for inspiring a new phase in our reading sessions- the Reading Buddies. Year 4 are now paired up witha buddy in Year 1. We will meet once a half term to share our favourite reads. Well done Year 4 for showing great maturity and responsibility during our session today.

As the week drew to a close, it was Orla, Megan and Sebastian who received certificates this week. All children have returned with ambition but these three have shone particularly brightly this week. 

Well done to everyone in Year 4 for their hard work and achievements this week. Back next week for more!

Mrs Tice, Mrs Gleave and Mrs Warren

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