Y4 wb 29.1.24

Date: 1st Feb 2024 @ 12:43pm

This week, Year 4 began several new themes in their learning in both Maths and English.

Maths has brought a welcome change from Multiplication and Division- we are now learning about kilometres, metres and perimetre. The children thoroughly immersed themselves in the first few lessons and are showing good knowledge use so far. Division was a challenge, as ever, and we will continue to drip, drip their learning in this subject.

In English, the children were overjoyed to find out they will be writing a diary passage over the next few weeks. We are putting ourselves into the role of a parent who is fleeing home to avoid danger. At the moment, we are focussing on absolute accuracy with regards to our sentence writing whilst expanding our noun phrases with the most appropriate adjectives to create a powerful effect.

The Vikings trail continues as Year 4 discover why these travellers settled in York. Some of the places explored will actually be on our trip in May- Coppergate, for example.

Early this week, we completed PE assessments throughout school. These were collated by Mr Aspinall who was very pleased with the level of fitness in our year. We have begun to introduce some yoga moves inbetween subjects, not only to give the children a brain break but also to increase their flexibility.

It was our turn to visit Reverend Sandi at St Oswald's this week. She really challenged our Old and New Testament knowledge- what were the Ten Commandments and which two did Jesus add. Year 4 did shine with their knowledge and we will be revisiting this periodically throughout the year. In RE, we continued our exploration of what sets Jesus apart as the Son of God- what actions clearly showed his divinity. For example, his miracles- healing, transforming wine into water. We also looked at key figures who have shown the qualities Jesus implored us to show as we researched Rosa Parks and William Wilberforce. We collected key facts and drew up a Fact File ready for our RE books.

We have recorded two videos for you. One is a dramatisation of our new model text and the other is our most recent performance.

As the week drew to a close, Sophia and Freddie were our Superstars this week, who have worked incredibly hard all week. 

Looking forward to the weekend and then to seeing everyone next Monday.

Mrs Tice, Mrs Gleave and Mrs Warren.

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