Year 1 w/b 20th November 2023

Date: 24th Nov 2023 @ 3:44pm

Our English focus has now moved onto information texts. We have started to learn the vocabulary and actions for an information text on Beegu. This report is written in sections and focuses on:

An introduction

What Beegu looks like

Where Beegu comes from

What Beegu eats

An amazing fact about Beegu

We have explored different sentence starts such as Surprisingly, Interestingly, Did you know?

We have coloured coded the different sections of the text before we innovate next week and use our model text to structure an innovated one to describe Beegu’s friend.


In Phonics we have enjoyed focusing on split digraphs: a-e (make a cake) and e-e (Go Pete and Steve). There was great excitement in exploring these ‘chatty friends ‘that need another sound between them when they are written.


In Maths our focus is now 2D and 3D shapes. This week we have been identifying, describing, and sorting shapes. We are concentrating on the following shapes.

2D shapes – squares, rectangles, triangles, circles.

3D shapes – cubes, cuboids, cones, pyramids, cylinders, and spheres.

Try to look out for examples of them when you are out and about or around your home. Remember, 3D shapes, are ‘solid’ shapes and 2D shapes are ‘flat’ shapes.


In our ‘No Outsiders’ lesson we used the story of Elmer to see how special it is to be different and how we can celebrate our differences. We looked at what made Elmer different and discussed why he thought he had to change. In the end everyone in the story showed they loved Elmer for who he was because he was a funny elephant not because of how he looked. We designed our own unique and special elephants using a range of colours and patterns we loved. Our colourful elephants showed us, although we are all different, we are all welcome in school, in the community of Brereton and in the world.


It was lovely to welcome our Patron of Reading, Mrs Winward, into School this week. As an author, she brought her book ‘Zee Zee the Zebra’ with her to read to us. It was a great story about kindness and loving each other- values that underpin our school values of wisdom, hope, compassion, and respect. After the story, EYFS and Year 1 were most keen to show and share the ways they are kind to others and include others. No outsiders at Brereton!


We hope those of you who came to our school Christmas Fair had a wonderful time and enjoy a restful weekend.

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