Year 1 w/b 6th November 2023

Date: 10th Nov 2023 @ 5:28pm

It has been a fun filled and rather busy week in Year One which has included inventing our own alien friends for Beegu. We created our playdough aliens, named them, and then began to describe their personalities and looks using adventurous adjectives. These were used to write a character description in the style of the Author Alex T Smith when he described Claude the dog.


In Maths we have been continuing to use part, whole models to support our subtraction understanding. For example, if I was holding several objects in my hands (the whole) then closed one hand so you could only see the remaining objects in the open hand (one part), how many objects would be covered? Subtracting from the whole, using one known part. We will continue to work on this skill next week.


In phonics, our focus has been ou (shout it out) and oy (toy to enjoy) or u-e (huge brute) and aw (yawn at dawn) depending on the phonics group your child is in.


This week for RE we investigated the similarities and differences in homes and food in our world now with the time Jesus lived on earth over 2,000 years ago. Stories from the Bible helped us in our investigating. We listened to the stories of Jesus with the loaves and fishes and heard about Martha and Mary. We understood that bread was unleavened as it would not rise and would be cooked over an open fire and fruit could be dried. We enjoyed tasting dates, apricots, couscous, grapes and flat breads before we constructed houses with flat rooves reminding us about the story of Jesus healing the paralysed man and his friends lowering him through a hole they made in the roof of a house.


In My Happy Mind we reviewed our character strengths and why it is important to use them. We have also been Character strength spotting- complementing our peers when we spot them showing a character strength.


In Design and Technology, we drew our design for Beegu’s friend, deciding whether we would make a hand mitt or comforter. We labelled our designs showing clearly how we would be joining our fabric pieces together- using a combination of staples, gluing and safety pins. PE focused on balancing on beams whilst balancing a bean bag or cone on our head. To add challenge, we jumped and hopped along our beams making sure our arms were in line with our shoulders. In Geography we continued to develop our understanding of human and physical features and began to look at directional language including left and right. You will have seen sheets that came home to work on identifying left and right, please keep working on this skill at home. In Science we used the scientific skill of observation to look closely at our facial features, we drew our features and labelled them to identify our body parts.


Monday’s worship prepared us for Remembrance- how, why, and what are we remembering. Back in our class we made a poppy wreath with names of people we wish to remember and in forest school too making poppies out of leaves and clay was a focus. To end the week, we had a whole school Remembrance worship based on peace. We followed this by going into the hall and visiting prayer stations thinking about remembrance and peace. Our school Ethos council did a fantastic job of explaining and running the activities for the children to complete with such confidence and maturity. You can see some of the activities in the fantastic pictures below.


This week we also walked to church for our year group worship with Revd Sandi. We joined a worship, sang and were able to ask questions about the church. The questions asked led to us finding out more about the history of Brereton and the link to bears in the village which we found very interesting.


We have begun to talk about our Key Stage One nativity which will take place on Wednesday 6th December. More details will follow next week including cast lists and costume ideas. We are already feeling quite excited!


We hope you have a wonderful weekend,


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