Year 2 w/b 13th November

Date: 17th Nov 2023 @ 3:33pm

What another fantastic week of learning we have had in Year Two.

In English, we have been writing our letters. The children have been following their plans carefully to write a letter to their own superhero, requesting their assistance with a problem – two baddies! I am looking forward to reading these once they are finished next week.

In RE this week, we recapped the story of Angel Gabriel visiting Mary and delivering God’s special message to her (Luke 1:26-38). We then looked at lots of pieces of special art work from around the world interpreting this event including:

The Annunciation by these artists

Angel Zarraga

Henry Ossawa Tanner

He Qi

Nicole Dixon

Liviu Dumitrescu

Patricia Brintle

Finally, we discussed as a class which pieces of art we liked and why and how Mary may have felt in this moment when receiving this news.

In maths this week we have been looking at the column method for addition and subtraction. We were able to add 2-digit numbers using this method, making sure to add the ones first and then the tens. Later in the week, we began to learn the concept of ‘exchanging’ using the column method.

In PE this week, we enjoyed a game of 'Superhero Ball'. To play this game, children were separated into teams and to win a point they had to throw the ball to the superhero standing in the hoop. However, there were some rules we had to follow:

  • To score, the superhero must catch the ball without it bouncing.
  • This game is non-contact – players can intercept and block passes, but cannot physically grab the ball out of another player’s hands.
  • Players cannot run/move with the ball – to get the ball to the superhero, the children have to pass the ball to each other.
  • Children only have 5 seconds to hold the ball: then they must pass it to another player.

Later in the week, we learned about inputs and outputs in computing. We enjoyed using the ‘Year Two remote control’ to input commands (by pressing buttons) and observing the output (actions performed by the rest of the class). Next, we designed our own robots and decided what would happen if we pressed certain buttons. This led to creating and designing our very own inventions.

This week, we have started learning songs for our KS1 Nativity and next week we are looking forward to getting into the hall to practise. It would be fantastic if you could please start learning lines at home.  We are so excited!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask via email, Dojo or through a note in reading diaries.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

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