Year 3 w.b: 11th March 2024

Date: 15th Mar 2024 @ 3:35pm

Another fabulous week in Year 3!

In Maths, we completed our unit on fractions by using number lines to work out equivalent fractions, then we used fraction strips to find out the missing numerators.  Following this, we began our unit on scales and measuring mass.

In English, we began to plan a diary entry for Starbird to show her feelings throughout her captivity.  We had to describe how she was feeling and explain why, then we had to write about a memory of a happy day in Starbird’s life.  Finally, we had to describe her hope for the future.

In Computing today, we explored deeper into the laptop, we no longer were just thinking about peripherals but what actually makes the laptop work.

CPU – is the processor. It’s very smart and fast at calculating things and bossy, telling the other components what to do.

Hard Drive – is slow, but keeps good care of your pictures and games.

RAM – remembers all immediate things and runs between the CPU and the hard drive but it forgets everything once the computer is shut down.

ROM – remembers all the important things and stuff that you don’t want to accidentally remove or have disappear when the computer is shut down.

GPU – shows things on the computer screen, but has a bad memory and needs help from ROM and RAM.

We then created our own laptops and discussed the parts as we stuck them onto our paper laptops. It was great fun!


In Religious Education, we investigated what happens when Jesus went into the temple.

Why was Jesus angry?

Henry said ‘He was angry because the church is a sacred place and people shouldn't be selling things there.’

Was he right to be angry?

Georgia said ‘Yes, he was right to be angry, it's ok to be angry sometimes.’

Are there ever times when it is OK to be angry?

We said, it's ok to be angry sometimes but not to stay angry and forgive people.

Archie then pretended to be Jesus and we acted out being in the temple, we then imagined that we were newspaper reporters in Jerusalem and wrote our own newspaper headline.

Mark 11:15-18 and Matthew 21:12-13

This week in PE, we focused on underarm throwing and creating a long barrier to develop these new skills. We then did overarm throwing and retrieving the ball in fielding. We then batted off a tee and with groups before playing matches to practise the fielding and batting skills.

In Geography, we learnt all about the culture in Greece.  Did you know?

The Greeks liked painting pictures on their pots, and sometimes they’d make pictures of what the pot would be used for. For instance, on little pots that children would use, there might be pictures of toys.

In Music, we practised the songs we have previously learnt, Mr Cool and We Will Rock You and we learnt a new song call Rocketship. We are developing great performance skills!

Our visit to church this week was delightful, we enjoyed a brisk, spring walk down to St. Oswald's.  Rev. Sandi told us the story of 'The Good Samaritan' and how we should try to help each other when we can.  We were so good, we were allowed our playtime at the park, it was such fun!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

The Year Three Team.


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