Year 3 wb: 12th February 2024

Date: 16th Feb 2024 @ 3:28pm

Yet another wonderful week in Year 3, filled with a great love of learning.

In Maths, we finished our unit on length with calculating perimeter.  Perimeter is a maths concept that measures the total length around the outside of a shape. To find the perimeter, you add together the lengths of all the sides. 

In English, Mr McAulay burst into our room, he looked very fraught and explained that he had seen two children running away from a hooded figure in the forest.  Mrs Sant also saw some unusual footage on the CCTV.  We kept our eyes peeled at break time and were horrified to see the witch-like figure in the distance.  We then wrote a newspaper report in formal, concise language with short sentences, rather than descriptive narrative writing.

In Art, we sketched our own toys.  When we look at something with the intent of drawing it, we tend to look more carefully than usual. We see, truly see, the shapes, the patterns, the perspective, the colours, the shadows, the contours, and how all of the details interact. In translating 3D objects to 2D drawings on paper, we practiced getting shapes and the proportion right, we learnt how to show depth with shading, and we tried different techniques for showing texture and detail.  First of all, we sketched the overall form loosely, and as large as possible on the paper, then we defined the contours and shapes. We then looked back and forth from the object to our paper and translated what we saw to what we were drawing. Once we had the big picture outlined on paper, we began to add details, shading, pattern and colours.  They were all amazing!

In DT we made Tudor Houses, we selected from and used a wider range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks e.g. cutting, shaping, joining and finishing, accurately.  One of the most distinctive things about a Tudor house is the black and white effect because of their exposed wooden frames.  We really enjoyed making our Tudor houses, it was amazing!

In Forest School, we made witch traps because we saw a hooded figure with a broom stick chasing two children in Forest School.  We covered the huge digging pit with a tarpaulin and then we put sticks of bamboo around the edge.  We used string as a trip wire to trap the pesky witch – it was such fun!

In Spanish, we completed our unit on instruments with a little quiz.  We were all spectacular!  Why not quiz us again at home?

Just a quick reminder about our half term homework:

English:  Read a favourite book and write a short book report about it.

Maths:  TTRS -

We hope you all have the most amazing half term break and look forward to seeing you all on Monday 26th February.

Mr M and Mrs T



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