Year 3 w.b: 1st March 2024

Date: 1st Mar 2024 @ 3:39pm

What a wonderful first week back we’ve had in Year 3!

In Maths, we started our fractions unit.  We found out that a fraction represents equal parts of a whole, by dividing it up into equal partitions. Each fraction has a numerator and denominator. The denominator represents the total number of parts the whole has been divided into.

In English, we began our new text ‘The Starbird’.   Starbird is a magical story about love, freedom, and the wisdom of children. Starbird's songs weave the richest dreams and delight to all who hear him, but when the Moon King traps him in a cage as gift for his daughter, the colour and life in his voice begin to drip away.  We thought carefully about Starbird and wrote amazing character descriptions, describing the beautiful bird.

Before starting our new Computing unit we revised last half terms learning:

  • Keyboard shortcuts can be used to perform tasks when typing.
  • The space bar on a keyboard inserts room between letters and words.
  • An email is an electronic form of communication.
  • An email attachment is a file that is added to an email.

We then looked different parts of a computer, we looked at pictures and decided which we thought was an input and which we thought was an output.  Mrs Taylor then demonstrated that talking to the computer doesn't work and it doesn't respond, so we thought about how to make it work; we need to input the information on a keyboard. We then role-played how the computer sends and receives messages from input devices to output devices.  Finally, we designed posters to show the input and outputs of a computer.

In Science, for our final lesson on plants, we made a model of a flower that included the parts essential to fertilisation - the ability of a plant to make new seeds and reproduce. We had already been taught the meaning of the words anther, stigma, style, sepal and ovary, being able to make a model to show these will hopefully secure their understanding.

In PSHE, we looked at photographs of different locations and decided who helps us in these places and how they help us.  We discussed whether there was anything we could do to help the people who help us.  We finished our lesson by thinking of one person who helps us to stay safe and healthy in different places and situations and that we can also help them to help us.

This week in Geography, we looked at landmarks in London and we also identified some of its physical and human features!

In PE, we practised throwing underarm accurately and catching the ball. We then rolled the ball and created a barrier. Following this, we used our underarm throwing to bowl to a wicket and then we looked at the stance and how to hold a bat, before hitting the ball off a tee. Finally we practised with a small group- bowling, batting and fielding.

In Spanish, we looked at the verb 'se' (I know how) we then added the vocabulary bailar = to dance, cantar=to sing, saltar= to jump, cocinar=to cook and montar en bicicleta=to ride a bike.

During our reflection time we found out that Christians are in the season of Lent. We are waiting for the sorrow and joy of Easter where Jesus died and then rose again bringing hope to all Christians. We thought about how we are all connected in school and wrote on jigsaw pieces to show how we join together. 

“There is one body and one spirit…one God and Father of all, who is above all and in all.’  Ephesians 4.1-6

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

The Year Three Team 



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