Year 3 wb: 22nd January 2024

Date: 26th Jan 2024 @ 2:58pm

Another fabulously busy week in Year Three!

In Maths, we began to divide 2-digits by 1-digit numbers; starting with no exchanges, we then progressed to dividing with flexible partitioning and division with remainders.  Finally, we were given lots of mixed problems, were we had to figure out whether we needed to complete and multiplication or a division sum.

In English, we re-read the story ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne.  We analysed the text and used some of the illustrations to add direct speech to the characters.  Direct speech is where we use a pair of inverted commas around the words spoken by the character.  The first pair of inverted commas go before the first spoken word and the second pair, after the punctuation, which follows the last spoken word. We then practised using inverted commas and putting the punctuation in the correct place.

In our PSHE lesson, we discussed what keeps our bodies healthy, we said we needed good food and clean water to keep us healthy. We decided that we also need exercise, sleep and a clean body. We then thought about what makes us unhealthy, we said that smoking was unhealthy along with fatty food and a lack of exercise.

In RE, we thought about what change means to us and discussed what changes have happened in our lives already. We read the Bible story 'Zacchaeus the Tax Collector', we then thought about how Zacchaeus acted before meeting Jesus and how he was after meeting him, we wrote these words inside and outside of our hearts. We used cold colours outside of the heart to show how cold Zacchaeus was and warm colours inside to show how warm he felt after meeting Jesus.  Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10)

Forest School was filled with magic and mystery this morning. Mr Simmon's showed us how to make enchanted broomsticks and magical staffs. We learnt how to wrap twine around the base and finish with a knot, we then used coloured wool to decorate them.  It was such fun!

In History, we began to research the Tudor family, starting with Henry VIII. We found out that Henry VIII was King of England and Ireland from 21 April 1509 until 28 January 1547, and is perhaps one of the most famous monarchs in English history.  Monarchs in the Tudor times rarely married for love. Often, they married to link up families to other rich and powerful families both from England and from other important countries.

Did you know that Henry had six wives?  

He had the first wife because he was betrothed to her by his father.

He had the second wife because he fell in love and also needed a legitimate male heir.

He had the third wife because he still needed a male heir.

He had the fourth wife because of diplomatic reasons.

He had the fifth wife because he fell in love again.

He had the sixth wife because he was old and sick and needed a companion and nurse who wouldn't give him too much trouble.

Henry's main aim was to make sure that the Tudors would keep on ruling England after he died. Henry believed that only a boy could inherit his kingdom but his son Edward ruled only for six years.

Thank you for your continued support, we hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

The Year Three Team.



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