Year 3 wb: 4th March 2024

Date: 8th Mar 2024 @ 3:48pm

Yet another great week in Year Three, the highlight being World Book Day, where we dressed as our favourite character or came to school in our pyjamas!

In Maths, we have continued our unit on fractions, we discovered that when fractions have different numbers in them, but have the same value, they are called equivalent fractions: the fractions ½ and 2/4 have the same value, but use different numbers.  Equivalent fractions can be found by multiplying or dividing both the numerator and the denominator by the same number.

In English, we found out some more information about our vehicle text ‘Starbird’.  We wrote a list of emotions about how the King, Princess and Starbird might have felt.  We then wrote our very own shape poems, we chose either the image of the cage or the bird then used the words and phrases we generated to write around the shape.  They were all amazing!

In PE, we focused on underarm throwing and creating a long barrier to develop these new skills. We then did overarm throwing and retrieving the ball in fielding. We then batted off a tee and with groups before playing matches to practise the fielding and batting skills.

The Easter story is packed full of emotion. We developed our knowledge and understanding of the Easter story by exploring the feelings evoked then and now by different events throughout Holy Week. We discovered that every year in Jerusalem Christians from all over the world gather for a Palm Sunday parade. Finally, we wrote our own poems about the events of Palm Sunday.

During our PSHE lesson, we talked about facts and opinions. We listened to an incident and had to decide what was an opinion and what was actually fact. We linked this to our playtimes and said we would only say the facts when we have a little fallout.

In Art, we researched Pierre-Auguste Renoir, who was a French artist. He was a leading painter who helped to create the Impressionist style. He painted portraits, and still life, but above all, he painted social scenes of the day.  We discovered that Suzy Sharpe was greatly influenced by artists like Renoir.  Sharpe creates striking illustrations of birds, she is an artist based in Cornwall, UK.  Both Renoir and Sharpe were inspired by the experience of being out in the landscape, watching wildlife, seasonal changes and transformations in our often-tumultuous world. After researching we created our very own knowledge organisers.

In Geography, we have been looking at the city of Rome; we will be learning about the Romans in the summer term so we began looking at Rome and its human and physical features. We then located where Rome is in the world and in Italy before locating some of its landmarks.

In Music we played some of our favourite songs which included Mr Cool and We Will Rock You! It as such fun.

In Spanish today, we recapped on the vocabulary we have previously learnt; greetings, animals, colours, musical instruments. We then practised reading and saying some new verbs:  hablar espanol - speak spanish, dibujar - painting, nadar - swimming, tocar un instrumento - play an instrument, patinar - ice skating.

We have noticed a few children are forgetting their water bottles recently, although we do have a few cups in school, the children prefer their own.  H2O gives them an energy boost, prevents dehydration, helps with concentration, aids a healthy digestion, supports the immune system and regulates their body temperature.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the photographs!

Mothering Sunday is a day to celebrate the love and care of all who have a mothering role.

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