Year 5 w.b 6.11.23

Date: 10th Nov 2023 @ 3:36pm

We have had a wonderful day today.

We began with a whole school Remembrance worship based around Peace. We followed this later by visiting prayer stations thinking about remembrance and peace. We spent the rest of the morning in Forest School where we had a challenge - to build a bridge which was tall, wide and strong enough for a 2l bottle of water. The children's designs were amazing and held not one, but two bottles! This half term our sessions are designed to help build teamwork and resillience and many of the children this week choose to keep going when things were challeging. I hope that more and more children will demonstrate this resilience over the half term.

In maths we have continued our work on multiplication moving onto squared and cubed numbers. The children have understood these concepts well, but some have found the larger multiplications for cubed numbers challenging. 

In reading we have continued our work on myths, legends and folktales. This week we read a folktale and the children then answered a question about which conventions of folktales were included giving examples from the text.

In RE we continued to look at the nativity story in Matthew and Luke. Children thought about why the accounts include different details and the audiences they were writing for.

Chloe and Olivia would also like to give an update on science and PE this week.

In science we learnt about different forces. We got to complete an experiment where we weighed different items with a newton meter and a scale. We learnt about a man called Isaac Newton.

In PE we played heroes and villans to warm up. Then we partnered up to practise dribbling the ball, improving our football skills. At the end of the lesson we played a game and Mr McAulay helped us to organise a girls game and a boys game.

We hope everyone has a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing the children on Monday.

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