Year 5 WC 13th May

Date: 17th May 2024 @ 9:18am

We started the week by watching the last of our inspirational leaders presentations. I have been so impressed with the effort that the children have put into their research and the quality of the work they have produced. Well done Year 5! In our session on Tuesday, we went for a walk in our local area to identify areas they would like to improve. Our big question was 'Is our community perfect?' Although we found lots of positives about our local area, there were things the children would like to improve. Back in class, we drew some maps to show this.

In our worship this half term our focus has been 'flourishing' and in class this week we have been thinking about what we can do to help ourselves and others to flourish. We recapped the Five Ways to Wellbeing and the children decided they wanted to learn some new skills: boxing and golf. Therefore on Tuesday in our PE lesson, Mr Aspinall and I will be teaching a lesson in these sports. Year 5 also understand the importance of doing something they enjoy and so they've decided that a trip to the park ticks lots of boxes in the Five Ways to Wellbeing. It's something they enjoy, they're outside in nature and they'll be exercising! A group of girls in our class have also started a running club at breaktime and lunchtime. 

In their final Science lesson on changing materials the children looked at how to separate mixtures by evaporation, filtration and sieving. They started by making homemade lemonade and  reflected on how sugar and citric acid are soluble and dissolve in warm water, and that if absolutely necessary they could reverse this process using evaporation. Sieving and filtration were processes they could use if any lemon pips found their wy into the lemonade or there was too much lemon zest for their liking. Whilst making the lemonade and learning the science behind it was very enjoyable, nothing quite beat the taste at the end! 

In English, the children completed their dilemma narratives about searching for a beast. Should they venture further into an unknown inky landscape and risk death to apprehend a
gargantuan creature or leave unscathed? They have all worked so hard and showed real enthusiam for writing their stories producing some of their best work this year. I have been really pleased with their use of exciting vocabulary and figurative language to describe their creature and building suspense to keep the reader hooked. We will continue to publish them next week and I know the children are keen to share their finished work with you. 

In PE on Tuesday, Mr Aspinall was looking for the children to use everything they have learnt in Mini Medics and their rounders lessons this year by putting them into four teams and running their own tournment. The challenge was that they wouldn't need any adult intervention and they would remember what they have learnt about considering others' feelings and making each others happy to make the game fun. Mr Aspinall and I observed some excellent behaviour as they encouraged and supported each other, said sorry when they made mistakes and worked great as a team. 

Next week, we won't be following our usual timetable; we'll be completing our next DT unit which is cookery. We'll be finding our where our meat comes from and creating a recipe to make a chilli. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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