Year 5 w/c 13th November

Date: 17th Nov 2023 @ 12:10pm

In PSHE this week, we recapped the different character strengths and reflected on the strength spotting we have done this week. We talked about why it is so important and how we can grow our strengths. In our journals we chose a strength we would like to grow and how we are going to do this. We also did our No Outsiders lesson focussing on the book, Rose Blanche. It is about a little German girl during World War II who discovered a concentration camp and took food to the children there. We used drama to explore the different perspectives of the characters and discussed whether Rose was doing the right thing by putting herself in danger to help. Then we wrote letters from Rose to her friend justifying her actions.

In English, we have been practising using the features of diary writing we have been learning about over the last couple of weeks. We wrote as Henry Brown describing the moment he was taking from his family and then when he arrived in Pennsylvania after mailing himself to freedom. On Wednesday, we were introduced to a new text, Unspoken which is a wordless picture book about a young girl who finds a runaway slave. We planned a diary of the young girl which we will begin writing next week.

In maths we have completed our unit on multiplication, prime, square and cubed numbers and have started work on fractions. This week we were looking at equivalent fractions. You could try drawing attention to this at home any time you cut fruit, cake, pizza, eat part of a chocolate bar etc.

We learnt about the geographical features of North America. In pairs, we looked at different places of interest finding where they were on the map and researching facts about them.

In art this week children were learning about Jackson Pollock and his unique style of painting. They discovered that he used colours to reflect his mood and prefered to stand with his canvas on the floor. 

In forest school this week we have again focussed on team work and resilience. This week - the laser challenge! Children had to work together to step through the lasers without touching them. They had to remain connected at all times. Lots of children found this challenging at first and wanted to give up, but Mr Simmons and I were incredibly proud that by the end of the session all teams were successful. They learnt lots about working together, communication and looking out for each other. 

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