Year 5 WC 20th May

Date: 23rd May 2024 @ 12:18pm

This week's blog has been written by Ben, Grace and Chloe. 


In PE on Tuesday this week we have been doing Golf and Boxing. We asked if we could do these because we want to do things that help us flourish in life. In Golf this week we have been doing work on distance, putting and accuracy which can help our long term skills in the sports we enjoy like Golf. When we did Golf this week we created our own mini Golf putting course which we made out of cones. In Boxing this week we have been practicing our coordination in footwork we also have been practicing our jabs, hooks and uppercuts on gloves. At the end of the session we got to hit Mr Aspinnal.

By Ben

Young Leaders

Recently we have been doing a project for Young Leaders. It is really fun and this week we have been looking at different charities. It's been nice to find out new things about what they do. We are hoping we can raise some money for the charities and help people in need. 

By Grace


On Wednesday we made chilli but before that we had a look at where our food comes from. We looked at where beef comes from on a farm and how the animals are looked after. Then we made a poster about it. When we made the chilli, the first groups helped chop the ingredients that we put in the chilli. Then other groups put the seasoning and spices in. We made a vegetarian one and a meat one. The meat one was not spicy but the vegetarian one was very spicy! Everyone got to try both of them. They were very nice! 

By Chloe



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