Year 5 w/c 20th November

Date: 23rd Nov 2023 @ 7:49pm

Year 5 have been working hard in all their subjects this week.

In maths, we have continued work on fractions ending with converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. This has meant children gaining a greater understanding of fractions as well as revising their times tables skills. This will progress to adding and subtracting mixed numbers next week.

In guided reading we have continued to look at myths, legends and folktales. This week we have been reading extracts from 'Outlaw - The Real Story of Robin Hood' by Michael Morpurgo. This children have been hooked by the story and have enjoyed exploring it in more detail.

On Thursday morning we had a virtual Singfest rehearsal and it was exciting to join other schools across Cheshire East who are also preparing for the concert in March. I'm sure the children will have shared their favourite songs from the selection; the theme this year is heroes and villains. The concert will take place on Tuesday 19th March 12:15-13:30 at Congleton Town Hall. Tickets will go on sale early next year and I will forward the information when we have it.

In Science, the children continued their work on forces, this week investigating air resistance. We were exploring which factors affected the speed of a parachute (size of the chute, length of the string, weight of the object). Sadly, it was far too windy to test outside so we had to conduct our experiment in the classroom but the children enjoyed creating their parachutes and the practical learning.

In Forest School this morning, we worked as a team to help Mr Simmons prepare the area for the arrival of Santa himself this evening at our Christmas Fair. Following this, we completed an aqueduct challenge using bamboo to transport water from one place to another. We collected the water at the end to see which group had been most successful and focussed on the skills they used to help them. We are beginning to notice a pattern of communicating well, supporting and encouraging each other and resilience are the qualities we need to succeed. 


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